Sunday, September 21, 2008

Basic cake and cupcakes decoration (13/09/08) & Basic sugarpaste (fondant) & gum paste cake decoration (14/09/08)

Last few weeks I've actually attend decorating class. It was held for 2 days @ Kak Min's House. We start from baking to decorating cakes & cupcakes. The medium was Buttercream & Fondant. Before this I'm bit of scared to frost one whole cakes. However, on the 1st day I manage to frost 8inch cake during this class. I even made the basket wave style. And don't forget the roses. I've never do roses in my life. hehehe... Congratulation to my self (clap clap).
Next day was the Basic sugarpaste (fondant) & gum paste cake decoration class. I was given a dummy cake & was asked type of deco that I wanna have. Wow.. I guess I have too many ideas in mind till don't know which one to choose... ekekeke. Then I decided to have one little cute cake with combination of pastel color. But I'm too slow a.k.a lembab during this class because I'm so particular in each design. Yet also the 1st timer... ekekeke. So everybody, here I present my 1st ever Fondant Cake. taraaaaa..

My 1st Ever Fondant Cake... It does look nice rite?

Roses... Any comments???

Roses ;p

Sweet little rose...

p/s: Picture was taken by Kak Min's husband... The pictures that I've took using SE K810i was bit shaky... So has to request these pictures from Kak Min. Tq both of you. I'm really enjoying myself during your classes. Till we meet again....

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