Thursday, October 30, 2008

CupCakes for Kak Mah

Salam. Last Thursday, I've made anothe fondant cupcakes for Kak Mah. She want it to part of her hantaran. After came back from the office I rest for a while before start baking. Kak Mah request for a baby blue color and it up to me to do the design. So, while preparing the batter I was thinking about the design. At first I thought of making a flower, but then I was like "Is there any flower with baby blue color?" huhuhu. Then I just like oh-no flower is not an option (even flower is the easiest). After a while I came up with an idea, why not do the hat. Hat can be in any colors. I taught that making hat is easy but it seems soo agak susah sikit lah. heheh. Biasa laa xpernah buat pn design topi tu. In the end my hat look like Kak LynnHassan punya design. huhu. However, I already inform her regarding this hat design. But of coz laa my design is not as nice as hers. Hers is really neat. Actually I planned to finished up all before 2am but end up at 4am. huwaaaaa.... I have only few hours left to sleep and guess what I got a meeting in Prai this morning. So, when my alarm ringing at 6.45am I just couldn't open my eyes... hehehe... Me have to bergolek2 left and right before woke up... muahahah... Thank god that my boss drive all the way from Ipoh-Prai... hahaha. But the meeting is sooo boring. The truth is I hate marketing meeting. Quality Eng pergi Marketing meeting nk wat pe erkk. (tp xpe smbila diaorg meeting, Linda pn pikir cmne nk market my cuppies... hahah jahat tul aku nih).. melangut jek wehh... hahaha. bila org tny senyum je laa. tp betul laa... kita kalu dh xminat mmg xde maknenye... mmg xjalan. heheh...

My Fondant CupCakes

Any comments???

Does it really looks like a hat to you??? hehehe

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