Friday, October 31, 2008

CupCakes for Makcik Zarah

Hurmm... another fondant cupcakes. Its for Makcik Zarah's daughter (Robi). It is part of her daughter hantaran. Robi used pink color as her wedding theme. However Makcik Zarah request for a fondant cuppies with yellow flower. Actually Robi is my schoolmate during our schooldays and she's also my neighbour (her house is only few steps from my house). So, when the asked how to arrange the cuppies I just give them few ideas. And they actually came up with decorated oval basket. They decorate the basket with a pink lace & ribbons. It happen that all 16 cuppies fixed nicely in the basket. heheh... Congratulations to Robi & Mr Husband. May both of you live forever ever after...

Cuppies in the basket

Fondant cuppies

Can you see it???