Tuesday, December 30, 2008

3sets of CupCakes for CIMB's Staff

Ordered by Kak Azura. The delivery date is on the same day as X'Mas Cuppies for "Puan Sri Leong & Family". Actually I do request to deliver the cuppies on Friday but they insist to have it by Wednesday. So me was like a "lipas kudung" on that day. Wanna noe why? Coz I got another fondant cuppies on the same day... waaaa.... Thanks that they didn't request for any specific design. So, I just design it to be something sweet & cute.

p/s: All my cuppies 'senget bcoz of my driving skills yg mcm pemandu F1'.... hehehe. Juz realize it when I upload the photos... heheh

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