Wednesday, December 31, 2008

CupCakes Tuition Class

Last week I've got phone calls from my sister's friend; Ika. She asked about how to make a cupcakes because she wanna give the cupcakes for X'Mas celebration. You must be wondering why this girl celebrate X'Mas. @gatau Actually she attend Form 6 in S.M. St Michael and her group consist of Malay, Chinese & Indian. @ayuk So they actually celebrate many festival among themselves. heheh. back to the story, when Ika called me, I was thinking like how am I gonna explain these trough phone. To make things easy, I suggest her to come to my house. Then it'll be more easy to for me to explain. So, Ika & Suk Wai agreed to come to my house to make those cuppz. @sinchan Of course its not free coz I'm giving away 50pcs cuppz for them to bring back. But they actually baked & frosted the cuppz themselves. hehehe. I just give them a guideline on how to do the cuppz. @sombong They took 5hours to completed all the 50cuppz... hehehe . So, let us take a look on the photos during their projects..

Ika, Liyana (My Sister) & SukWai. Waiting for cuppz to fully bake. They really having a good time. Makan chocolates macam makan nasi yer... hehehe... Semuanya hantu chocs.

Frosting session

Here are all the cupcakes. 1set for their X'Mas Celebration and the another set for their families.

Nice try for a first time. Congrats to Ika & Suk Wai

p/s: This class was actually done because Ika was my sister's BFF (Best Friend Forever). I was never planned to do any class as I'm also new in this fields. So, it gonna be another 1 year to go for me to do another class... heheheh


Norrolhuda Sharif said...

sukenyeee tengok yang joget-joget kat atas tu :D

-aPhRoDitE- said...

thanks kak.
it was yummylicious xD

D.a.a.l.i.a. said...

selamat tahun baru ya.... semoga biz semakin berkembang thiw year... dah bagi tuition for cupcakes.... bagus tu... knowledge sharing... teruskan usaha ...

Linda Hussin said...

Norrolhuda Sharif: hehehe...

-aPhRoDitE-: welcome2x. lain kali boleh dtg rumah lg.. Jd my assistant plak okeh... heheh

D.a.a.l.i.a.: Selamat Tahun Baru jugak buat Kak Lea. Ermm tuition class tu juz to hem my sister's friend. Daripada depa dok call2 byk kali tny itu & ini, better Linda suruh je dtg rumah. Ssh nk bg penerangan gna phone. Face to face will be moch more better, especially for them yg mmg xpernah baking ni... heheh