Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Orders by Wani

Introduce by Kak Wizz, Wani requested for Fondant Cuppies & a set of 2 tiers Cakes n Cuppies. Her theme was red & white. I've tried to make a shiny red buttercream. However, I still didn't satisfy with the outcome. I've finished 1 small bottle of Wilton red colour but the outcome is not so nice. However I have to accept that its not easy to get the blink blink red.. huhuhu @nangis Actually I also forgot to wrote "Selamat Penganting Baru" on top of the cake. Million of apology on this (sbnrnya tulisan Linda pn xlawa... harus mencacatkan kek aje. budget nk cari org tlg pipe kan, last2 lupa trus) Anyway, congrats to Wani on her wedding.

9pcs Large Fondant Cuppies

2 Tiers Cake & Cuppies (1 cakes & 50 cuppies)

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