Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Teddies Cuppies for Fida

These cuppies ordered by Fida for her friends wedding. The design inspired by Kak Rani (bakedecorate2u). When Fida emailed me the picture, I was like... "waaa, am I going to do this? jadik ke rupe bear nnti? jgn jd mcm snowman sudah"... Then I just send an email to Kak Rani to requested her permission (mana boleh aci tiru2 je wehh... jgn jd lanun yer) heheh... She (Kak Rani) gave me few tips on how to made the teddies). I also browse through Kak Wiz's blog (In a Whiz). You should look at her blog. She really have a magic hands which can turn the fondant to a very pretty design. hehehe. A part of that, I think I still need to improve my skills. Who knows maybe one day I can be like Kak Wiz. Now, let us see the result of my creation. @sinchan

Does it look like a bear to you??? @kembar

Erm... I think the teddies a bit senget... @sombong


Rani said...

ha dah pandai dah tu buat!!! well done gud job!!! lepas ni bole buat lagi!!! lama2 lagi buat mesti lagiiiii chantek taw!!!

Linda Hussin said...

haa.. tq kak rani. byk lg kna improvise nih. step by step le kan. hehehe.