Monday, January 5, 2009

Birthday cupcakes for Sarah's Mom

Sarah ordered this cupcakes for her mom's birthday. She want to have a strawberry as well for the cupcakes. Bottom are the choc moist cake & topped with super yummy chocolate ganache. The white color besides the strawberry are the grated white chocolate... And I also drizzle a bit of melt chocolate on each strawberry. I'm supposed to deliver the cupcakes on Monday but due to some circumstance I request to send it on Sunday night. Sarah's family is staying at Kem PGA, Ulu Kinta but I'm quite unfamiliar with those place. heheh... So, me & my En Suami managed to fine the camp. The place around this quite dark. There are few unoccupied blocks and guess what... Me and my En Suami "silap naik blok". Fool by cars which parked at the car park, both of us went up to unoccupied blocks... hehehe... Actually the block number can't be seen in the dark... heheh... However, we managed to find Sarah's house and pass the cupcakes to the lady whom open the door @ayuk...

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