Monday, February 16, 2009

6hours CupCakes Marathon (for a ceremony @ Istana Kinta)

This was really a last minutes order by En Reezal of Pakeeza Restaurant. Informed by Ms Suraya on Friday evening regarding the cupcakes. They need 150pcs of cupcakes by Saturday afternoon for a ceremony at Kinta Palace, Ipoh... I repeat Kinta Palace... waaa... sangat terharu coz my cupcakes will entered the Palace... hehe

Btw after answered back to Ms Suraya I just realized that I didn't have enough of baking cups... hahaha... Thank God that Kak Feena let me borrow her cups (nnti Linda ganti blk erkk). I'm supposed to bake those cupcakes at night but once I reach home rasa mcm kurang sihat. Rasa mcm nak demam pulak. So, i decided to take a nap while waiting for En Suami to arrive from Kulim (En Suami is working at Kulim). But then still I don't feel very well which later on i decided to just went to bed (keputusan kamikaze nih) hehehe...

When I woke-up at 6am I selesaikan mana yg patut n start baking at 7am. I have to bake 3 different flavour which are orange, strawberry & chocolate. I was really like 'lipas kudung' that morning. Even my En Suami also turun padang. He help me to layer up the cupcakes with buttercream (TQVM xoxoxo). I took 1 1/2 hours to deco all 150pcs cupcakes. Design was advise by En Rizal.

About 1.30pm++ Ms Suraya came to pick-up those cupcakes. By that time my right hand feel soo sakit... But there is another order for today... waaaa... I'll continue in next entry... I nthe mean time lets have a look at the photos but sorry its a bit blur... I was kelam-kabut at that time... heheh...

Orange flavor

Simple decoration for strawberry flavor

Chocolate flavor. At this point my hand is really shaking... heheh


Nurainie said... impressive! Must be for our Sultan's Silver Jubilee...imagine all the Sultans eating your cupcakes...he he.

warung GAJAHPUTEH said...

so proud of u!!!!!!!!

OO said...

Hi there, just a small question, do you give Malay recipe cooking classes? We receive some foreign visitors occasionally and some are keen to learn.

Feena said... dah masuk istana..

aishah said...

salam linda,

selalu kita jumpa dalam baking project group kan.

tgn menggigil tu kan sbb draw lines byk2 tu linda..kena make sure lines sume straight...hihi

congrats deco semakin cantik..

Linda Hussin said...

Nurainie: I guess so.. hehe

Linda Hussin said...

warung GAJAHPUTEH: alhamdulillah... Thanks


OO: Hi. I'm not sure of that. Perhaps you can try this link She's been conducting few class on cookies & cakes.


Feena: Thanks Kak Feena


Aishah: Salam. heheh. tu laa.. lain kali xmo buat line utk last minute order cmni... abis sumer line bengkang bengkok. heheh. Smpi arini still rasa sengal tng ni... mmg sengal betul lah... hehehe

asam-manis said...

wahhh..amazing ahh kak linda!

kalo dpt smapai Rochester,NY agi amazing!

hik hik hik..

Linda Hussin said...

asam - manis: hehe.. rezeki... Rochester??? mana tau.. kut2 buleh... hehe