Monday, March 16, 2009

CupCakes for Dila

Dila want these cupcakes to be part of her engagement. In a 1st place, she show me a picture of cupcakes to gave me an ideas of the one that she need. She also requested for a fondant wording, which worries me coz it was too long... @damnShe said, it's ok if I wanna use fondant and buttercream for the wordings as long as all the wording were there (tp kurang cantik sikit jdnye). But then, I just got this ideas while browsing through the net. So, I asked Dila for the green light & she just agree with it... Anddd.. this is the end product... winks... I hope she'll love it... Selamat Bertunang to Dila & Adzim!

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