Monday, March 23, 2009

LittleGemz @ Steam Buttercream Course

Last few weeks I attended a hands-on Steam Buttercream Class by Ms Norpishah (18/03/2009). In this class we learn how prepare a suitable buttercream for this method. Steaming method which I can say its a double boil method will gave u a smooth surface finish for your cake. It'll took only a few minutes & you don't even need a spatula to smoothen the buttercream.

I personelly likes this method coz I'm not good at smooth-out the buttercream (it take me ages to smooth the surface). But (there's also but ok... heheh), I quite didn't like the taste. The taste is more to margerine than butter... hehe... Maybe i can adjust a bit of here & there to get a buttercream which suit to my taste... hehe. And there's also another thing, it couldn't give you a sharpe edge... huhu..

This picture was snap after cake being poured by buttercream.
You can see the smooth surface finish for this cake. But mine is not
too smooth, still need more practice.

My decorated cake. To me its a bit 'kasar' but I didn't have much time.
Our class finished at 2.00pm & I have to rushed to Medan Gopeng coz
my sister's bus is at 2.30pm. She's going back to her matriculation college.


Nurainie said...

Not bad looking. Good thing about this method is u get to stack the cake then ice it compared to other methods.

Linda Hussin said...

Nurainie: Aiseyyy... still need to improve lor.. heheh... yeap. agree with you ;p