Thursday, April 2, 2009

Delivery Service

Dear customer;

I'm sure that you guy know that I'm providing delivery service. But for god sake please take note upon the delivery time! I'm not doing this for full time. I'm still a small workers in a company. My working hour is 0800-1800; Mon to Fri. So can you imagine when is the time for me to make all those delivery??? Yeah, its after my office hour.

Baking is still my part time business. I love to see people smile when they received my goodies. I love to see when they enjoy eating my cakes/ cupcakes. Its not that I'm selfish, but please I have to prioritize my job. I have to take care of my reputation. So, you out there please... Let us make this a win-win situation. Other than that, you can try to contact other bakers. Ipoh got some pretty good bakers... Google it...

LittleGemz's Delivery Time
Mon - Fri: 6.30pm - 10.00pm
Sat - Sun: 10.00am - 8.00pm

Till then, take care & have a nice day

Hugs & kisses;


Anonymous said...

mmg business woman betul..
hehe..salute for ur hard work..

Linda Hussin said...

Al-Mualim Shah @ Dino~: hurm... xde la smpi cmtu skali. tp kekadang manusia bila nak tu nak le sesgt. Saya pn keje. Takkan le sbb saya nk pergi hantar kek/cupcake tu saya nk ambik risiko kena warning letter dgn company betul tak? tu namanya berani mati... heheh... jd kena le win-win situation... saya tak bengang, customer pn happy dpt goodies ;p thats the best... hehe