Thursday, May 14, 2009

I totally forgot about her!

She is our family's friend. She requested choc moist cake for her sister birthday. I just answer 'Yes' without knowing the date until.... Until that evening. I was scrolling down my sms & realize her order@nangis. Then, I straight away sms her asking when does she want those cake as I didn't have any extra cake on that day. She said they want collect it on that day itself. I reply to her saying that I haven't bake any cake but if she willing wait until 8.30pm, I'm sure can bake it. When she reply 'Yes' I straight away prepare for the order as its already 5.00pm... I manage to siapkan those cake around 8.45pm. phewww.... Mai, sorry ye akak lupa awak nye order... Uncle Lani, nnti order lg tau... heheh

8inch Chocolate Moist Cake

p/s: Uncle Lani yg suruh letak wording Happy Mother's Day skali. Kira double celebration la kan. hihih

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