Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Snow White + Ben10

Umi was my junior in SMKRPB (Bainunians la tu) & also a friend to my sister. Umi requested a cake for his niece's & nephew's birthday. Since it is a double celebration, she decided to have a bigger cake. She want to have buttercake & choc moist. The theme are Snow White & Ben10. Its so difficult to draw those cartoon. I have tried 2 times before manage to draw the Snow White & 3 times for Ben10. It took me 3 hours just to draw both of it.

8" x 16" (+-3kg)
Choc Moist + Buttercake


d'muffins said...

waaa... cantik snow white tu, ben10 pun... terror dah ni linda... baguih2...

Linda Hussin said...

d'muffins: Ye ke Kak Diba? Adik Linda ckp macam 'something goes wrong somewhere'... hehehe