Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fancy CupCakes for Sep

Sep requested a fancy design cupcakes. She send me a few pictures to project it on those cupcakes. Thanks!

p/s: While editing this picture I notice something wrong with the Elmo untill I realize I FORGOT TO MAKE THE NOSE!!! Waaa... Sorry Sep... Tersangatlah tak perasan @gatau


Fiza of ChiqueCakes said...

alaa..sekor jer tak pasan sgt...mine the whole set takdak idung, sib baik customer tk komplen =P

Linda Hussin said...

Fiza of ChiqueCake: Hahaha.. rupenye ada jugak le geng yg lupa wt idung. Linda ingat Linda sorang je yg lupa.. hehe.. pstt; sbnrnya ada 2 elmo kt situ... tgk betul2... heheh

Sep said...

nvm...yg ptg sedap.

tqvm ok!

Linda Hussin said...

Sep: hehe. Thanks to you too!