Thursday, October 22, 2009

2sets for Siti

Siti requested for Pink + Red + White theme. Thanks

25pcs 'S' Cupcakes + Buttercream

16pcs 'M' Cupcakes + Buttercream


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

What piping tip # did you use to pipe the pink rose(single flower) on the cupcake? Its just beautiful! Well Done

Linda Hussin said...

Hi Anonnymous. Introduce your self please =D I'll update you for tip# as I'm still at work. By the way, thanks for viewing my blog.

p/s: Can't remember the tip#. hihih

Bake Bliss said...
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Anonymous said...


Its Vivian here. I love the single pink rose you created on the cupcake. Please let me know the tip# you used. Thanks and have a great evening.

Linda Hussin said...

Hi Vivian. Its #191 =D