Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mickey Mouse Club for Baby Sara

Szu Ann an email regarding her daughter's birthday. She want a 2tiers fondant cake. The theme would be Mickey Mouse Club and the cake should be enough to occupied 100 guest. Each tiers have at least 4inch height. Total weight is 7.5kg (scaled by Szu Ann). This was the heaviest cake I've done so far there are still lots of improvement to be done. Many thanks to you and your family.

Mickey & Minnie

Mickey Mouse Club
Each tiers have at least 4inch height

Baby Sara with her birthday cake
She's cute isn't she?
Courtesy: Szu Ann

p/s: Design was given by Szu Ann which inspired by Cherylsyuen's Craftmanship and Cupcake Divinity. Thanks


* LoVe eVe's caKes * said...

I like this one! So lucky Baby Sara.. =)

d'muffins said...

lawa sgt la linda... terror dah u ni...

fadzilsalleh said...


Linda Hussin said...

*LoVe eVe's caKes: Yeah.. Very lucky =D

d'muffins: Ermm byk lg kene improve kak...

fadzilsalleh: Thanks.. Ni percubaan pertama utk buat kek sebesar ini. Pengalaman yg menarik =D