Friday, November 6, 2009

Vijitha + Rajkumar Wedding

This was my 1st order for Indian Wedding. Vijitha requested for a Wedding Cake and 600pcs door gift. It was for her wedding reception in Manjung. This was my first time ever to do such bulk order. En Suami also took leave to help me dealing with these order. But I forgot to snap any photo for door gift =D. Many thanks to both of you. Thanks

Wedding Cake + Cupcakes



d'muffins said...

bagus2... tp mmg le ghiso selagi tak abih ye..

Linda Hussin said...

d'muffins: Kecut perut kak! hihihi

ciNDerella stRikEr said... nad.
berkenan tgk wedding tower cake ni la. kalo bole nk mintk quotation utk majlis di taiping. exactly design mcm ni.
email me ok :

tq ye

Linda Hussin said...

ciNDerella stRikEr: Hi Nad, maaf yer, saya baru perasan your comments. Saya dh hantar quo ke email Nad.



Cindellyna Aja said...

salam me the quotation okey?=)

wedding kat titi gantung, bota on Jun 2010.

time kacihh!!=)