Thursday, January 14, 2010

Their Niece's Wedding

Abg Sham & Kak Roshaida was one of my 1st customer. They've been our regular customer since their Wedding Anniversary =D This time round was their niece's wedding. Thanks to your endless support.

 Cherries + Strawberry + Dove figurine

Side view

Wedding Cake

Top View


Snowflake0715 said...

Cupcakes it's lovely.. it's the best valentine present ever! ^^

Mrs. HaKiMi a.k.a ViOLeT said...

sis...cantekla cupcakes tu...ehehehe... suke... em... nyum2

Linda Hussin said...

Snowflace0715: Tq ^__^

Mrs. HaKiMi a.k.a ViOLeT: Haa aper lg, mintak le En Hakimi order... hihih

sham said...

thanx for the lovely cakes n being part of their memorable moment..we luv it!